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Prepare your CV to make clear your competences that match those described in the job advertisement and never give false information

Always apply the spell checker and then ask someone else to check the spell checker

Keep your CV to no more than 3 pages in length

Do not write Curriculum Vitae on the top (it is obvious what it is)

Put your name on the top followed by your address and contact details underneath

Ensure your name and contact numbers are listed on each page of your CV

Have a profile paragraph under your contact details which describes your experience, what you are looking for and why, in no more than three short sentences

Concentrate on achievements, not duties (describe how you have made a difference)

Avoid acronyms and describe bespoke systems to assist the non specialist reader

Avoid photographs

Explain any gaps in career history and state your reasons for leaving jobs

Send your application either with a covering letter in Microsoft Word or email text

In your covering letter, briefly explain why you are suitable for the role. Send your CV and letter to someone else to check the format travels well

Avoid graphics, boxes and any other formatting that may become lost when sent electronically

Build your CV as an agenda for an interview

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